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2017 Expo Speakers
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Brace for Bold:  Empower HR for the Future of Work

Jennifer Phillips-Kirkwood

Sr. Director, Future of Work, ADP

Speaker's Bio

Jennifer's Bio Page

Jen Phillips-Kirkwood, Sr. Director, Future of Work for ADP Global Enterprise Services, works with organizations to drive innovation transformation in digital HR, change management to impact the worker experience and leverage data driven insights – competitively! Throughout her 20 years in consulting, Jen has driven complex, multinational IT, HR and HRO projects. As a member of the esteemed ADP Big Data Data Cloud team, HR executives benefit first-hand from her passion and experience in leveraging data science in the business to drive tangible business outcomes. Her work has cut across industries and sectors. Jen serves as a contributor and supporter for many social media outlets including Talent Culture, an esteemed HR epicenter of knowledge and thought leadership.

Are you succeeding with big data and predictive analytics? Are you trying to understand the roles machine learning and artificial intelligence play in big data, self-service analytics, and the UX?  Are you curious about how virtual reality could advance HR?  Are you pondering how new technologies will impact  your workforce now and in the future? Then this session is for you!  R&D from our four (4) Innovation Labs is generating wicked cool technology like you haven’t seen before. We will be sharing HR's new technology, newest innovations, and real-life use cases to help you ready yourself and your  organization for the the Future of Work.  Caution: Brace for BOLD. Join  Dorothy and trade up those ruby slippers and follow the drone. Tomorrow is an entirely different world.

Like a SMAC to the head!: How to market your HR function in the midst of the digital revolution.

John Nielson

Business Development Director & Managing Partner
Frank IT Change Kit

Speaker's Bio

John's Bio Page
John Nielson co-founded Frank in 2005 to help generate frank conversations in the heat of IT-driven, business transformation. The expertise at Frank has been honed to focus on the internal change challenge: enterprise-wide, IT implementations from ERP and HCM to FSM and PLM.   Leveraging 20+ years of award-winning, external marketing, branding and social-media expertise, John currently leads Frank's business and partner development efforts.  John is the co-creator of the Frank5 change-communications process and Frank IT Change Kits.  His primary role is to introduce business-transformation leaders (CIOs, CHROs, IT & HR VPs, IT Project Managers) to the unique benefits of change management tools for global enterprises, multi-location organizations and single-site companies.  Since 2005, Frank has helped global organizations such asPepsiCo, GE, Cargill, Ecolab, Lamprell, ING, Under Armour, Medtronic and others empower and engage their employees.  John is a graduate of York University with a BS Political Science.


SMAC technologies (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) are an evolving part of the HR function, elevating the employee and candidate experience like never before. Sounds great. But do you know how to clearly communicate SMAC benefits to your HR team? Or to the broader organization? How is your HR function leading the way in this SMAC world? Do you even know where to start?  We will share creative ideas on how to effectively inform your HR function of emerging technologies, and then, how to inspire a new HR / enterprise relationship. You’ll learn practical ways to:
• Effectively inspire your HR function about digital HR philosophies & practices
• Share engaging messaging with your broader organization – positioning HR in a new light
• Use the power of “consumerized” communications to meet employees, managers and leaders where they are … in their digital world
Technology is integral to the HR function; digital connectivity is part of every employee's life. If you’re not effectively communicating through this lens, you’re missing out on great candidates, improved employees experiences and a decidedly more connected culture. Don’t miss this “SMAC” to the head … it’ll clear things up. Fast.

Cyber Thieves Hungry for PII (Personally Identifiable Information):  How Secure is your HR data?

Jamie Burnett

ARM, Assistant Vice President and Team Leader
Aon Risk Solutions

Speaker's Bio

Jamie's Bio Page
Jamie Burnett, ARM, is  Assistant Vice President and Team Leader at the Aon Risk Solutions Chicago office.  He is a member of Aon’s Professional Risk Solutions team, a groundbreaking team made up of risk specialists from inside and outside the insurance industry, drawing from technology, law, and consulting.   He assist clients across all industries - with a focus in the Technology, Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services, and Education Industries - in assessing Errors & Omissions, Network Security and Privacy, and Media risks while creating optimal risk transfer solutions.   Jamie is a a U of MN grad with a BS in Applied Economics.


Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and applicant tracking systems (ATS) are among the biggest targets for cyber thieves.  Single records of data sell for $50 on the dark web.  HR technology is filled with personally identifiable information (PII), or data that can be used alone or with other data to identify someone. Names, Social Security numbers, birth places, a mother’s maiden name and biometric information are examples of PII.  Cybercrime has shifted away from attacking individuals’ information to breaking into mass databases at companies.  Cybersecurity, while usually in IT's corner, has increasingly become an HR problem due to the department's hold on important data and the fact that human error is one of the largest reasons behind cyber breaches. Proper education of employees is key, but it must be ongoing to be effective.  Controls can stop people acting in a way that places the organization at risk, but they must be consistent with the way people behave and think. Human Resources  can play a key role in keeping organizations safe in cyberspace.  We'll give you the current picture of problems and solutions  from the perspective of cyber risk management professionals.

Driving Employee Engagement: A Proactive and Strategic Guide for 2017

Lisa Sterling

Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer

Speaker's Bio

Lisa's Bio Page

Lisa Sterling is the Chief People Officer at Ceridian. In her role she is focused on designing and executing the people strategies necessary to make work life better for all people at Ceridian. In addition, Lisa oversees the vision of Dayforce Talent Management.
Lisa came to Ceridian in June 2015 as the Vice President of Dayforce Talent Management, responsible for the global product strategy of Ceridian’s Talent technologies. With over 18 years of experience in people, culture and software design and execution, her broad range of expertise covers the entire people and culture experience as well as talent management technology.
Prior to Ceridian, Lisa ran the Talent Technology Solutions organization for Mercer and was heavily involved in both product and people as the Head of People Engagement at Ultimate Software. A recognized thought leader in the market and to Ceridian’s clientele, Lisa has a true passion for people, culture and products.
Outside of Ceridian she enjoys watching her three daughters play competitive soccer while her husband is coaching and is an avid runner.


Technology has radically changed the way organizations operate and how employees get work done. The ability to access work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, combined with a modern take on work-life balance has ushered in a new world of work. Employers are navigating how to best engage employees who are more digitally connected than ever before.  There is a strong connection between technology and employee engagement. This session offers tips to help organizations leverage technology to boost employee engagement.  It’s not enough for HR to just focus on recruiting the best talent. You must dedicate just as much time and energy – if not more – to keeping your people and fully engaging them with the organization. WE will also talk about the 6 drivers of employee engagement. While an effective engagement strategy is paramount for today’s employers, it’s not always obvious where to focus these efforts.  This Edutrack session will highlight ways employers can influence employee satisfaction, enthusiasm by embracing the next generation of employee engagement.





The McGyver Method for Solving HR Technology problems: Using What You Have in Inventive Ways


Lee Aase
Director of Communications for Social and Digital Innovation
Shawn Bishop
Communications Specialist
Mayo Clinic 

Speaker Bios

Lee & Shawn's Bio Page

Lee Aase is Communications Director for the Mayo Clinic. In collaboration with Medical Director Farris Timimi, M.D., Lee leads the Star Wars team and other key communications team at Mayo. After 14 years in government and political roles at the local, state and federal level, Lee came to Mayo Clinic in 2000 as a member of the Media Relations team and became manager of that team in 2003. He began Mayo’s exploration of social media applications in 2005 and started his personal blog a year later. In addition to overall team leadership and strategy development, Lee is an evangelist for Mayo Clinic and for application of social media in health care.

Shawn Bishop is a Communications Specialist at Mayo Clinic.  Shawn spent over 20 years in IT at Mayo Clinic. Shawn joined the Social and Digital team, in 2010, as one of the founding team members.  Shawn is the lead for Mayo’s fifty plus (50+) external facing WordPress sites . Shawn created Mayo Clinic's Pinterest page and patient webinar process, which he continues to support.  He was also instrumental in taking the “Mayo Clinic Radio” live radio show on the road.


You will learn how Mayo Clinic is repurposing the Social Media technology, developed for connecting patients, to collaboration with employees for engagement and onboarding. We will share our experience and best practices and demonstrate the platform that patients are using today and how it was adapted for HR use to create a member-based community that is driven by member-involvement with minimal organizational oversight or management.
The Business Value for you:
- How to find tools already inside your organization and repurpose them when budgets are tight.
- Mayo Clinic’s approach to optimizing social media.
- See the application developed by Mayo Clinic for patients and how it was "McGyver'd" for HR & business value.


20/10 Vision for 2020 Recruiting

Doug Berg

Founder & CEO
My Alerts

Speaker's Bio

Doug's Bio Page
Doug Berg is a three-time venture backed entrepreneur, based in Minneapolis, who has raised over $125 million in venture financing for his startups in the recruiting and marketing industries.  He was the founder of, which was the earliest social network for technology pro’s that became PC Week’s best career site for techies back in the 90’s.  He was the founder of Jobs2web, which powered the online recruitment marketing and strategy for hundreds of top employers and was sold to SAP in 2010 for $110 million. Today, he leads MyAlerts, which is putting consumers in control of their marketing and driving Facebook levels of engagement for several dozen top online sites like Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, World Markets, Macy’s, Cars .com, and many more.

The evolution of recruiting technology, generational workforce issues, and other market forces have increased in velocity and will continue to move at faster speeds, giving most of us “blurred vision” on what changes to make.  Doug will share a “clear vision” of the main trends that are impacting recruiting and how hiring companies are hurting themselves, becoming more and more incompatible with how talent is moving in the marketplace as we approach 2020.

Learn about what changes you can make to your recruiting strategy to enhance your ability to hire talent in 2020 and beyond.

Who's the Boss: Recruiters or Hiring Managers

James Ellis

Managing Consultant
BEX Consultants

Speaker's Bio

James' Bio Page
James Ellis is a digital and content strategist working in Chicago with more than 15 years experience helping brands of all shapes and sized succeed in the digital space. He spends his time mostly helping Fortune 1000 companies develop recruitment marketing strategies to find and attract the best talent.


What is the recruiter's job? Is it to identify prospects and get them to apply? Or to shepherd them through the hiring process? Or do you let the hiring manager own the process? In either cases, there are huge holes in your process letting the best and brightest fall out of your recruiting funnel. In this working session, we will help you identify what model you have and how to ensure that recruiters and managers work together to ensure that the best talent has the highest likelihood of getting and accepting an offer.



It’s too expensive:  Throw this and other excuses out the window and get rolling with cloud HCM

Jacqueline Kuhn, HRIP, Executive Vice President HCM Consulting Services


Speaker's Bio

Jacqueline's Bio Page
Jacqueline Kuhn, HRIP, is an HR professional with over 20 years’ experience in Strategic Planning, Systems Management, Project Management, Services Delivery and General Human Resources. As EVP of HCM Strategic Consulting at HRchitect, Jacqueline oversees the HR systems strategic planning and evaluation and selection practices. Jacqueline spends much of her time with HCM vendors being briefed on new technology offerings, ensuring that HRchitect provides the most current information to clients who are looking for a new solution. Jacqueline enjoys working with organizations to impact their HCM strategies through the utilization of technology.

SMBs are missing out on with on-premise, outdated HR Technology. Go Cloud or Go Home! Transitioning from manual processes or on-premise systems is a large undertaking for any organization, but for the SMB space in particular, transitioning to cloud HCM has tremendous value.  Small businesses - come to get answers to your questions about cloud HCM including:
• What is the strategic advantages of HR Technology for a SMB?
• Are there risks to transitioning to cloud HCM?
• Can we afford HR technology in the cloud?
• What challenges do you expect when evaluating systems?
• What is the logical progression I should follow when rolling out systems?
• What key strategies should you use when building the business case?
This session provides a high level overview of the advantages of cloud HCM and the steps to transitione your organization forward to cloud HCM.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Sourcing in an Automated World

 Shannon Pritchett

SourceCon Editor
ERE Media, Inc

Speaker's Bio

Shannon's Bio Page
Shannon Pritchett is the editor of SourceCon. As a lifelong student in the recruitment industry, Shannon is passionate about improving it. Shannon has a diverse background in training, sourcing, international recruitment, full desk recruiting, coaching, and journalism. Shannon got her start in the recruitment industry at Vanderbilt University and later worked as a Senior Recruiter for Internal Data Resources and Community Health Systems, Social Media Recruitment Ambassador for T-Mobile USA, Director of Recruiting for Moxy, Trainer with AIRS, and last as a Manager of Global Sourcing and Training for Manpower Group Solutions RPO.



Heard the news? We are all going to be replaced by robots!  Is it "fake news" or  clickbait or far-fetched drama or even an eventual reality? However you want to look at it, talent management and talent acquisition are unquestionably changing.  And that reality should be more inspiring  than it is frightening.  Over the past year, we have seen cutting edge technologies move into  main stream business software. In our line-of-sight from today we can see  artificial intelligence, chatbots, machine learning, and robotics entering and ultimately performing much of the recruiting and sourcing process.  Recruiters acting  like a robots is not the path to the future.  This session will take a look at the technologies influencing modern day sourcing from bothj the process and practitioner perspectives.  We will offer  a survival guide on how to ride with the technology trends, find the value in technology innovations,  and revel in the robot apocalypse.

Shape It & Make It:  Your unique business context matters in applying Strategic Workforce Planning methods and tools

Nicholas Garbis

Strategic Workforce Planning Leader
General Electric

Speaker's Bio

Nicholas' Bio Page
As strategic workforce planning leader at GE, Nicholas Garbis works specifically with the industrial energy businesses which employ over 100,000 people in over 100 countries. He is a specialist in the field of workforce planning and analytics, with a deep interest in the energy sector and its future workforce needs. His role with GE includes workforce planning and analytics, process leadership, and economic research including a model of global workforce demands of the power generation sector over the next decade. Prior to joining GE, Nicholas worked in consulting and in several roles at Target Corporation. He has also taught high school mathematics, renovated rental properties, and had a small woodworking business! Nicholas originally worked in the insurance industry after completing a B.S. in Actuarial Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Broad outlines of SWP won’t get far, and picking up a ‘robust’ solution from another firm may not fit your needs either.  Basic principles combined with creativity and flexibility (aided by good data and some basic tools) will drive better and faster results.  The impact you are seeking is better decision-making around investments in talent — whether they be recruiting, learning/development, or productivity.  Connecting to business priorities, translating them into talent imperatives, and determining the specific actions needed.  The session will overview what we have learned at GE.





Transforming Engagement in 16 Months:  A Cast Study of the MN Wild


Laura Martin
Client Services

The Marcus Buckingham Company
Monica Laurent
Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development
Minnesota Wild

Speaker Bios

Monica & Laura's Bio Page

Monica Laurent is Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development at the Minnesota Wild. Monica is an innovative and strategic HR leader with more than 20 years of human resources experience. She has successfully led change strategies across multiple organizations and is heading the initiative to reinvent engagement at the Minnesota Wild.

Laura Martin is the head of Client Success at The Marcus Buckingham Company, where her team helps companies transform their organizations by building on the practices of the world’s best team leaders to create new levels of engagement and performance. Throughout a twenty-year career in Human Resources, Finance, and Technology, Laura has directed teams of all sizes to deliver programs to audiences of up to 300,000 employees globally. For her, the most interesting work happens where business strategy and people strategy intersect, and she has devoted her career to creating environments where team members can be recognized for their unique strengths and have the opportunity to discover and do their best work. .


Join the Minnesota Wild and The Marcus Buckingham Company as they share an overview of the results a case study on Minnesota Wild’s approach to radically redefining engagement at every level of their organization. Attendees will then have time for a lively discussion with the speakers on the challenges and successes they are currently facing.
Learn about:
-your people's strengths and how to make the most out of them
-how to leverage technology to better understand your teams and their strengths
-how to  measure engagement where it happens, on the team level
-using the 8 questions most correlated to engagement and performance.
-reporting & metrics: Identify key data related to adoption and variation of engagement.
-weekly Check-Ins: the most effective ritual shared by the world’s top team leaders - frequent 1:1 conversations about near-term future work.






Survey Says:   HR organizations achieve higher levels of HR, Talent, and Business outcomes by embracing their true cultures.


Stacey Harris

VP Research and Analytics

Speaker's Bio

Stacey's Bio Page
Stacey Harris, former research executive with Bersin & Associates and Brandon Hall, is Vice President of Research and Analytics for Sierra-Cedar, in charge of Sierra-Cedar’s Annual HR Systems Survey and Research function.  

A leading member of the HR practices and technology research community since 2007, she launched Bersin & Associates HR research practice and conducted groundbreaking research on High-Impact HR organizations, enterprise HR technologies, and key practices across the talent management spectrum. Her research and consulting work afforded her the opportunity to work with large global companies around the world such as McDonald’s, Lockheed Martin, Cisco, Credit Suisse, Scotia Bank, and Pfizer on a variety of mission-critical talent initiatives. Prior to joining the research community, Harris led multiple HR, Talent Management and Learning initiatives as both a leader and practitioner. A frequent speaker and facilitator at HR events in the U.S. and abroad, Stacey loves a great conversation and interesting questions – feel free to stop her anytime for a good discussion.
Published since 1997, the Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey is the longest running, most widely distributed, and most highly participative research effort in the HR industry, annually tracking the adoption, deployment approaches, and value achieved from HR technologies. We study the roadmaps that organizations navigate and decisions they make regarding technology, integrations, processes, and people when building an empowered HR function that serves the workforce and supports organizational outcomes. We provide practical data on emerging and innovative technology trends and help organizations understand how they can capitalize on them. We share this research freely to assist organizations with developing their HR systems strategy, devising a plan, justifying investments, and ultimately executing on their HR technology vision. All responses are confidential and only used in aggregate results.

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